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Jeff "Free" Luers Interview

Conferencence Call Press Conference w/ WA Congressman Jay Inslee
re: Salvage Logging 2/23/06


InFormed Talk past shows

11/30/07 World AIDS Day with Eugene's HIV Alliance Director Diane Lang and Client Services Director Renee Yandel

11/23/07 Enrique Morenes, founder 'Border Angels' and Reese Erlich, author, The Iran Agenda: The Real Story of US Policy and the Middle East Crisis

11/05/07 InForm Radio interview with Shock Doctrine author's Naomi Klein researcher Debbie Levy

11/02/07 A radio roundtable with clergy and community discussing the concerns and issues with the Pacifica Forum's event featuring Holocaust Denier Mark Weber

10/26/07Portland Attorney Eldon Rosenthal on Brandon Mayfield v United States of America and Federal Judge Ann Aiken's ruling tossing two provisions of the USA Patriot Act and global warming educator and activist Bill McKibben on the Global Warming Crisis and need for immediate political action.

10/12/07 BET "My Two Cents" host Keith Boykin, Cascadia Wildlands Executive Director Jay Linniger on recent Dechutes National Forest Timber Sale Settlements and Lawsuits, and Gerry Connor on GI Resistance

9/28/07 The plight and circumstance of Iragi refugees and internally displaced persons with American Frinds Services Committee activists: Rad Jarrar and Noah Merrill

9/21/07 Comparing the red scare and the green scare with Robert Meeropol, founder of the Rosenberg Fund for Children and the son of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Attorney Lauren Regan founder of the Civil Liberties Defense Center

8/31/07 Masking herbicide smells w/ Forestland Dweller and Author Mark Shapiro on his new book, "Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What's at Stake for American Power

8/3/07 ELAW's Augustine Niber on Gold Mining issues in Ghana and Update in Anti-Nuclear issues w/ Downwinder and WAND Activists

7/13/07 Ernest Callenbach, author Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging

7/6/07 Lane County Bus Project

7/9/07 InForm Radio interview w/Matt Rothschild, editor The Progressive, re: Bush executive orders and dictatorship plans

11/10/06 Activists' Agenda for Democratic Congress

11/3/06 Dialogue across Blue-Red Divides

10/27/06 Wayne Madsen w/ Trine Day Publisher, Kris Millegan

7/28/06 Israeli-Lebanese Conflict

6/30/06 GI Resitance to Iraq War & GI Sanctuary

4/14/06 University of Oregon's Sustainable Advantage Business Conference

2/24/06UO Public Interest Environmental Law Conference Past & Present

2/17/06 Civil Liberties, USA Patriot Act, GITMO play reading and BIll of Rights Defense Activities

2/10/06 ECO 11

2/3/06 GW Bush Impeachment

1/27/06 Good Earth Home and Garden Show

1/20/06 Rebutting Salvage Logging

1/13/06 Lane County Food Policy Council

1/6/06 Eugene's Sustainable Business Initiative w/ Mayor Kitty Piercy

11/28/05 School Shootings w/ author Joe Lieberman

11/18/05 "Future of Food" w/ Deborah Koons Garcia

11/11/05 "Walmart" w/Producer Robert Greenwald

10/21/05 Biofuels

06/21/05 Jeff "free" Luers, Political Prisoners and Forests




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